European Distributors

Oyama is one of the largest folding bike specialists in the world. Since 2009 started with the establishment of a European line with its exclusive European distributor Blomson International B.V. Blomson International B.V. is working together with her European distributors to ensuring the sales channel in Europe. Oyama has distributors based in Belgium, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom. The collection consist of 11 models and 4 labels; Urban 66, Classics, Pure and Sports. The collection suits everyone and stands for trendy, cool and urban designs which are also fast, functional and light weight. Oyama is known for quality for an affordable price.

By the increasing mobility and infrastructure problems in the Netherlands folding bikes are becoming much more popular in the near future. Especially the group of the commuting people will be forced to use the folding bikes in combination with the public transport to overcome the last kilometers to work. Transportation towards cities will be much more difficult in the future because of the high cost and complex infrastructure. The solution will be to drive to the outside of the city for parking and then quickly and easily step on the folding bike for the last few kilometers. In Europe we see the same infrastructure and mobility problems. Cycling is also becoming more popular in the big European cities. London is a good example, because a long time ago there were no bikes. Currently the folding bike has almost become the new toy for the business boys. In business suit on a fast, light and trendy folding bike travelling to work. A folding bike is a unique type of bicycle and needs to meet certain criteria safe, convenient and compact folding system and drive like a normal bike.

Oyama, Simplify your Life!